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Blown Glass Egyptian Hippopotamus Ornament

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A hand blown Christmas hippo ornament is hand made in Egypt using a high quality heat resistance glass and embellished with 21k gold. This beautiful ornament will bring happiness every year when you bring it out of its storage box to hang on your tree. Or you can hang it in a window to catch the light and enjoy year-round. How the Ornaments Are Made Each piece goes through seven main steps before
Blue Gift Box With Hippo Ornament

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A richly detailed hippopotamus figurine is nestled inside this blue gift box with a loop for hanging on your holiday tree, in front of a window, or wherever you like. The hippo is hand painted on stone resin and boxed. Buy one today for the hippo collector in your life! 2 1/4" L x 2 1/4" W x 2.5" H
Blue Handmade Notebook With Hippo

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You can never have too many notebooks! With handmade paper pages and a decorative cover, this is a fun one to keep on hand for quick notes or shopping lists. At 5x7" and a slim profile, it will fit easily into your pocketbook or briefcase. The cover is dyed periwinkle blue and features a stone hippo. Imported from Zimbabwe. Fair trade. ABOUT THE MAKER Eco Africa raises money to supply the
Bobble Head Gourd Hippopotamus

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These adorable "bobble head" hippos are crafted from natural gourds by physically disabled artisans in a group called Unite Wend Sondge ("God Will Help You") in Burkina Faso at Village Artisanal Ouagadougou (VAO). Ouagadougou is the capital of this landlocked country in West Africa. Each animal consists of a combination of gourds and balsa wood with burned in patterns. The
Brass South African Hippo Key Ring

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Crafted from a mixture of brass and zinc, our South African hippo brass key rings brings a familiar African safari character to one's pocket or handbag. Created by an amazing group of artisans in South Africa that specializes in molding metal into a variety of African animal and symbol shapes. The progressive workshop provides fair trade jobs in Cape Town and reveals the potential of African
Brown Hippo In Grass Mint Tin

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Brown Hippo In Grass Mint Tin

Model: HM-T101
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We've taken our exclusive brown hippo image and applied it to a new silver colored tin the size and shape of an Altoid mint tin. Use these tins to corral small items such as craft and sewing supplies, hardware, loose change, family photos, first aid supplies, makeup and other personal items, or a notepad and pencil. You can also use them for gift boxes - just tuck in any small item or even a gift